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Neighbourhood Plan

I hope you have all received a flyer inviting you to a Cheese & Wine Evening at St Andrew Church, Buckland at 7pm, Sat 14thSeptember to launch a Neighbourhood Plan.                      I would urge you all to attend for an informative and enjoyable evening that will give you an explanation and information on the proposedNeighbourhood Plan for Buckland & Chipping. It must be stressed that this plan is not a Parish Council initiative, although it should be Parish Council led, but a community plan. We will be seeking volunteers on the evening who would be interested in joining a forum to develop the plan. It is imperative for the plan to succeed that the forum is made up of a mix of residents, young and old, businesses, landowners, developers, community groups, who have a keen interest in the future of our villages up to 2013. Once the plan is formulated, approved by East Herts District Council and gone to a referendum, the plan will be a document shaping the future of our neighbourhood. Even if you have no interest in joining a forum we would very much look forward to seeing you all on the evening. If you are unable to attend the evening but would require further information please contact:

Jeff Jones, 01763 274800 jeffj@bucklandandchippingpc.org.uk

Teresa Harrington, 01763 272708coulterharrington@yahoo.co.uk

Or visit the PC website at: www.bucklandandchippingpc.gov.uk


What Is A Neighbourhood Plan?

The Government’s Localism Act, given Royal Assent on 15thNovember 2011, will reform the planning system to give local people new rights to shape the development of the communities in which they live.

A key component of the act introduces a new tier of planning – namely neighbourhood planning. The Government anticipates that neighbourhood planning will allow people to come together to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.

Once a Neighbourhood Plan has been completed it will become part of the Local development Framework for East Herts. This means that it will be a statutory part of the development plan for the district.

Cllr Jeff Jones