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Buckland & Chipping Parish Council serving the Villages of Buckland & Chipping in Hertfordshire.


The result for the BCANP Referendum held on 23rd March '17

Number in favour YES              1268            94%

Number against NO                       82              6%

Turnout 22.3%

Therefore the Buntingford Community Area Neighbourhood Plan has been ADOPTED 




The next meeting of the Parish Council will be at 7.30pm, Monday 8th May '17 at St Andrews' Church, Buckland. The first meeting will be the Annual Parish Meeting followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting and finally the normal bi-monthly Parish Council Meeting. All are welcome to attend

5th November, Firework Night at The Common, Buckland 6.30 Bonfire lit, 7pm Fireworks . ... Free BBQ All residents, friends and family welcome. 

10th Jan '16 Both telephone boxes are now operational as AED defibrillator kiosks. The AED’s are housed in a heated cabinet that has a security code. If the AED is required in an emergency call 999 and give the location of the kiosk and you will be given the four digit access code. The Chipping kiosk has been fully refurbished and the PC is looking for a volunteer who will undertake the Buckland kiosk. We have all the materials required. If you would like to give some time for a worthwhile community project please contact Cllr Jeff Jones on 274800. 

19th Dec '15 Cllr Jeff Jones organised a Christmas Lunch for our Over 60’s in Buntingford Ward with his East Herts Council Xmas hat on. It was good to see 108 senior residents enjoy a festive meal with wine, and be entertained by a band from Freman College and a performance by the Buntingford Community Choir. The event was made possible with grants from East Herts Council, Herts County Council and Buntingford Town Council. Billings restaurant catered the event and the wine was kindly donated by Mr Basra. Buntingford’s Co-op and Sainsbury’s also donated supplies. The meal was served to guests by a group of our community leaders, which included our very own Jeff Kenyon, who hosted the B&C table. It is hoped that with funding again we can repeat the event next Christmas.


Following the Local Council Elections held on 7th May 2015, the following Councillors were elected to Buckland & Chipping Parish Council in an uncontested election.

Cllr Jeff Kenyon

Cllr Jeff Jones

Cllr Teresa Harrington

Cllr Mell Trewin

Cllr Jason Noy

We welcome Jason Noy to the council as a new member.

We still have one vacancy to fill which can be done by co-option.

If you feel you would like to apply for this position or require further information please contact The Clerk, Colin Marks 01920 821684 or clerk@bucklandandchippingpc.org.uk 







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East Herts Council


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The responsibility to protect your property is that of the occupant. East Herts Council's policy is not to supply sandbags. You need to go to a builder's merchant or large DIY store to obtain material for sandbags.
If you are at risk of being flooded, you might want to consider keeping some empty sandbags and sand or earth ready for use at the first sign of trouble.
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Hertfordshire County Council is the Lead Local Flood Authority for Hertfordshire and has the role of managing flood risk from surface water and groundwater. View  Hertfordshire County Council - Flooding  for further information.  Hertfordshire County Council have a duty to ensure that roads and pavements are in a safe and usable condition - if the road, pavement or subway becomes flooded it can become very dangerous and must be addressed as quickly as possible.
If there is flooding of the highway, it should be reported using Hertfordshire Highways - Highways fault reporting system.
All authorities also work closely together under the banner of Herts Resilience to prevent flooding in the district.
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Staying Safe in a Flood
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•  Don't try to walk or drive through floodwater. Only six inches of fast flowing water can knock you over. Two feet of water will float your car. If you must go through flood water remember to go very slowly. The bow wave you create could cause flood water to go into someone's home.   Manhole covers can be lifted in a flood and there may be other hazards you can't see.
•  Never try to swim in fast flowing water - you may get swept away or be struck by an object in the water.
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•  Avoid contact with floodwater - it may be contaminated with sewage.
•  Move your family and pets upstairs or to higher ground if threatened by floods. Move anything you can upstairs if possible.
•  Switch of water, gas and electricity supplies at the first sign of flooding to your property.



Neighbourhood Plan

I hope you have all received a flyer inviting you to a Cheese & Wine Evening at St Andrew Church, Buckland at 7pm, Sat 14th September to launch a Neighbourhood Plan.                      I would urge you all to attend for an informative and enjoyable evening that will give you an explanation and information on the proposed Neighbourhood Plan for Buckland & Chipping. It must be stressed that this plan is not a Parish Council initiative, although it should be Parish Council led, but a community plan. We will be seeking volunteers on the evening who would be interested in joining a forum to develop the plan. It is imperative for the plan to succeed that the forum is made up of a mix of residents, young and old, businesses, landowners, developers, community groups, who have a keen interest in the future of our villages up to 2013. Once the plan is formulated, approved by East Herts District Council and gone to a referendum, the plan will be a document shaping the future of our neighbourhood. Even if you have no interest in joining a forum we would very much look forward to seeing you all on the evening. If you are unable to attend the evening but would require further information please contact:

Jeff Jones, 01763 274800 jeffj@bucklandandchippingpc.org.uk

Teresa Harrington, 01763 272708 coulterharrington@yahoo.co.uk

Or visit the PC website at: www.bucklandandchippingpc.gov.uk


What Is A Neighbourhood Plan?

The Government’s Localism Act, given Royal Assent on 15th November 2011, will reform the planning system to give local people new rights to shape the development of the communities in which they live.

A key component of the act introduces a new tier of planning – namely neighbourhood planning. The Government anticipates that neighbourhood planning will allow people to come together to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.

Once a Neighbourhood Plan has been completed it will become part of the Local development Framework for East Herts. This means that it will be a statutory part of the development plan for the district.

Cllr Jeff Jones












What Is Buckland and Chipping Parish Council?

It is one of the 10,000 community, Parish and town councils in England and Wales; they are corporate bodies and local authorities. It has a powerful voice to represent local people.

The current chairman of the Council is John Noades and his deputy is Jeff Jones. The councillors are: Marion Ling, Teresa Harrington, Jeff Kenyon and Daniel Hall.

Councillors are elected by the public at local government elections, normally held on the first Thursday in May every four years. The last election was in 2011. If a vacancy occurs during the four years, and there is only one application to fill the vacancy, then that applicant can be co-opted. If there are more then one a by-election would be held.

Working as a Parish Councillor is done voluntarily. There is no salary involved but you have the chance to influence decisions to improve the services for your local area.

What Can Parish Councils Do?

Parish councils are the part of local government closest to the people. They serve the smallest area and are responsible for the most local of matters. Very importantly, these councils can "precept" – raising money collected with the local Council tax each year to improve facilities and services for local people in the area of the Parish Council.

Parish Councils in England have a number of basic responsibilities in making the lives of local communities more comfortable, many of which are often taken for granted. Essentially these powers fall within three main categories: representing the whole electorate within the Parish; delivering services to meet local needs; and striving to improve the quality-of-life in the Parish.

Parish Councils, also comment on planning applications, they are statutory consultees and can be represented at public enquiries. Parish councils may soon be granted more powers.

Buckland and Chipping Parish Council were responsible for providing the bus shelters in the villages. They have provided the information boards, the seats and picnic tables in various parts of the villages. They have also taken responsibility for cutting the grass in the church yard. They are responsible for areas of common land in the parish.

The Parish Council works closely with the County authorities to make sure that the roads and footpaths are maintained properly, although it has no direct responsibility for them.

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